Directors, filmmakers and animators created movies for each of the songs. The makers are Bara Lockefeer (Sorry), Willem Jan Bloem (Make Wishes), Eric Maas (Hole in Your Head), Stanley Kolk (Family it’s our Blood), August Swietkowiak (Inking Black), Constant Brinkman (Powerlack),  Susanne Engels (Moon) & (Home) and Marjolein Hendrickx (I Can Be Who I Want).

‘Home’ by Director Susanne Engels.
‘Family. it’s our blood’ is in ‘Family Matters’ (‘Hemelrijken) a key composition. The movie is rewarded at the Filmfestival London 2020 as Best Feature Film and also at the Noida Filmfestival India. The director of ‘Hemelrijken’ (Family Matters) is Stanley Kolk.
[The birth of your child, the realisation that the most beautiful thing ever happened… and the same blood that flows… a ‘monumental’ moment of what life is.
‘Make Wishes’ directed by W.J. Bloem. In the video are some shots from the Soft Parade video ‘Strange Flowers’.
[You wake up and the day begins, you are at the helm, there is nothing but what you start. Or maybe wouldn’t. But hey, there’s no going back. Just do it: spit on the fire that rages and deny the doors that fall shut. It’s your day today…]
‘Moon’ directed by Susanne Engels.
[ Sure you can, but this love song written by cute friends will get you a hand in your back. That when you’ve lost everything, been on the moon with great plans, and yet fell hard to the ground, “Moon” tells you to get up, load your dreams and not let yourself be knocked down.]

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